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Monday, November 14, 2005

we're gettin the band back together

annd now introducing our newest band member, a 1961 hammond b1, $25 at St. vinnies. it's so sweet!


Blogger r-fresh said...

that's the shit

8:31 AM

Blogger highdesertsultan said...

and you know this.

i haven't received official word yet, but rumor has it that the band was 2 ebay hours away at 3:00 PST to purchasing an early 1980's 300 multi-efx processor, to run that bad boy through. our one finger playing is gonna sound so much more "tits".

Reggae Dancehall Legend Anthony B tonight!!!

9:09 AM

Blogger r-fresh said...

Toats on the "tits," dogg. Good idea with the efx processor. Nice addition.

From my many travels and musical journeys I have found there are a few elements which keep bands on the low or set them stunningly out in a beautiful sound world all there own. These elements are often hard to come by. They stem from God given talent, to hard work or just unmatched raw creative energy. There is a secret though. A cheat code, if you will, for propelling your band into legendary status, that not many know of...I will grant you this knowlege, my brother, for you are deserving of its graces and I know you will keep this element sacred and only use its unmatched musical power for good and never for a cover-band.

I give you, my worthy comrad...

The Cow Bell.
Use it wisely, let it be your guide, and always, always use more than you could reasonably rationalize.


10:47 AM

Blogger ortiz said...

definetly more cow bell. right on r-fresh...tell us more

1:37 PM

Blogger 3p0 said...

"yer on a mission from god"

10:08 AM

Anonymous CHancock said...

Can you guys play Freebird?

4:18 PM


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