Keepin' It Dirty

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

new v. old

these guys "rock", or should i say "grass"

these guys don't

so the other night kdub and i went with some friends to see the hackensaw boys a bluegrass band extraordinaire from virginia that you may or may not have heard on npr. they were everything i wanted in a bluegrass band, they were raw, there were lots of gaps and hootin' and hollerin'. they getty-upped and went. now they were just the opener for railroad earth, same instruments (almost) as the hackensaw boys, but... in a word, well a hyphenated one, hippie-jam. polished and studio perfect is no way to play a banjo, mando, and for christs sake don't play the fiddle like a gosh darn violin! i mean it! well that's all i have to say, and that's already too much.


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