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Sunday, April 09, 2006

this is not a test

so here's the problem.

how does a husband react when an over bearing acquaintance is just that, "over-bearing", to his wife. my initial gut reaction is to let my wife deal with it exclusively, knowing that she can handle herself and is generally more diplomatic in those situations than myself.

...but then i think. fuck that asshole. he deserves any kind of wrath that i may rain down on him. i love our mutual friends that introduced this person to us and i know that they would not feel any remorse toward me if i did call his punk ass out, so why shouldn't i?

...but then i think. why should i even bother wasting any energy on this person, this situation. i don't feel that my wife has done anything wrong, why can't she just be herself and not have to explain herself or her actions to someone who is basically a perfect stranger. actually a totally imperfect stranger. so why do i even care?

...what am i saying? WHY DO I EVEN CARE? i care because this person has over stepped their boundaries and has decided to assert himself into our life. our life that he for some reason cares so much about.

...and then i think. how do i deal with him, this, a new situation that has made so many connected loving friends uncomfortable, all in agreement that there IS something wrong. but who can agree that something needs to be done. what needs to be done? does anything need to be done?

for now, i think what will i do the "next time" we see him, do i get in his face and let him know that he is an unwanted element to my life, or do i ignore it and wait for the "next time" something happens to puff my chest and get angry. essentiallly this situation sucks and like most situations like this, the victim is the one who is bothered most and forces themself to look inward asking "what did i do wrong"?

this is not a test.

you didn't do anything wrong baby, you were just being yourself.


Blogger -kw said...

never call him.
never return his phone calls.
never invite him over.
if you see him, look away.
if you end up at the same place he is, maintain a 40ft gap.
if he breaches that gap, attempt to re-establish it.
if he talks to you, ignore him.
if he fronts with questions about the whole thing, only give one-word answers.
shun him.
exlile him.
forget his name.

2:13 PM

Blogger star detective said...

I'm with big brother. We do not have control over other people's actions. Nothing you can do or say will change his previous behavior. Let him do his button-pushing elsewhere...

3:10 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ask yourself, did this person mean to offend me or my wife? if so, be more than grateful that you are not like that and don't go to his level. don't try to control the situation with someone who is trying to control the situation.

3:59 PM

Anonymous da mustache said...

my esteemed friend-

you are a regal and noble being.
i noticed from the first time i metcha.

above, rise above. first and foremost,
after that, nothing.

jerkoff does not deserve nuttin' but a bitch slap,
delivered, alas, in the terms of eminem
(canya believe it?)

-your style is like dying in my sleep, i don't feel it.-

don't feel it. you're a freaking high desert sultan,
for chissakes.

da mustache.

5:05 PM

Blogger kdub said...


7:00 PM

Blogger r-fresh said...

never make any large moves in situations like this if at all possible. keep things small, blunt and precise. take care of how katie is feelin' and how you are feelin'. if shit gets outta hand let it be someone elses deal, if need be engage in "putting fools in check" with the verbal. you said it crossed a line. since you know what that line is now, if it is crossed again, its time to make him listen to the tone of your voice.

9:00 AM

Blogger 3p0 said...

yeah, I don't know the in's and outs but when dealing with this kinda stuff that effects not only yourself but your lovely wife,

make sure your wife is ok with whatever you do.

no reason to get yourself into trouble at home.. even though you wana crack some dipshits skull

I think everyone else has really good advice, specialy kw.

take the high road, you'll feal better in the future.

a fist in the face may feal good right at the moment,

but you'll regret it in the future..

9:52 AM

Blogger Misty said...

Fuck that! Kick his ass! :) Just kidding. I hope the creep leaves you guys alone!

7:31 AM

Anonymous siscarie said...

siscarie says...what??? i don't undersatnd? explain when i see you next week...

7:18 PM


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