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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

mollys day out

she's busy for a six month old

happy bday molly


Blogger PWilkins said...

love u - love your pictures dolly molly!
G-ma Peggy

8:25 AM

Blogger ortiz said...

What's Molly saying these days? Looks like she's having fun with her cool Dad...too cool for school,that is.

8:39 AM

Blogger highdesertsultan said...

actually jason, molly talks a lot. she really likes being outside and it can make her go from fussy to happy talking gibberish in seconds. she happy screams (not loud) for long times but is using new sounds more and more.

man she gets so big all the time. she's a long and lean baby, getting very curious and just in the last couple of days really started to grab for specific things.

8:50 AM

Blogger ortiz said...

too bad she's in such a bad place to like being outside, ya....that's sweet, I'll give ya a call this weekend

10:04 AM

Anonymous DADAH said...

What a girl!!!

5:21 PM

Anonymous auntcarie said...

she's an angel! Love her!

8:57 AM


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