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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Deschutes Brewery Abyss

A- Mazing! Come to Bend or buy yours on ebay today. Both ways to get it are extravagant for a beer. But it might just be worth it. Next beer drinker to visit me gets to sample my stash.


Anonymous ortizme said...

Is 25 bucks a good deal?

10:29 AM

Blogger highdesertsultan said...

yes, i heard they were going for as high as $40. with shipping it is still cheaper than a plane ticket.

7:38 AM

Blogger style detective said...

Don't forget to save a couple for the cellar.

7:33 AM

Blogger nacho_supreme said...

Save some for me! I'll come visit--promise!

4:34 PM


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