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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our Man Curtis

To many people and to us, Curtis our dog was the best dog we had ever known. Throughout his lifetime, inspiring many another to get a dog of their own after dog sitting for us, including our friends Greg and Julie just this past weekend. The problem with a dog that never "complained" is that even though he had two tumors and many other internal complications he acted like the same energetic friend we had always known up until the last 24 hours of his life. Yesterday all his systems began to shut down at once, leaving us with no choice but to euthanize him yesterday afternoon. Katie and I were there until the end, crying our eyes out and comforting him. He will never be forgotten by us or many others who he met along the way. Goodbye to you Curtie, our friend.


Blogger Peggy Wilkins said...

None of us have mentioned how talented he was - we miss his presence and love and zest for life and that abundance of talent too. Curtis was so much fun!

8:24 AM


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