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Sunday, November 27, 2005

feelin lucky

so do you all remember when robby made these shirts and we wore them...? That was awesome. right now i am feeling very fortunate for myself. i know this is a time we are reminded of those things we should be thankful for but you guys are awesome. i am really enjoying this blogging like it is a message board so i can peek into the everyday lives of persons i often speak to about other things and even those i don't ever speak to. big up to (3p0 for his comments), i hope this provides all of you with the same warm fuzzy feeling i get when i get comments and see what other people have been up to. i will try to be more dilligent about postings of random day to day funny encounters and such.


Blogger r-fresh said...

I agree with you. I'm glad blogology allows us all to connect or check in this way. I likey.

You should re-post a larger version of the photo, you can still keep the actual blog post size small, then when we click on the photo we can see the big pic. Ya feel me?

Miss you guys!

9:51 AM

Blogger Little_Wilkins said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving!
I was going to call you guys, but I lost my calling card. I hope you guys had fun. Katie and me were the only Wilkins' not in Nebraska, but we had a really fun time on the res. We went sledding and had visitors from Portland, Yakima, and Spokane. I'll post pictures later. I'm thankful that I get to see you guys in 20 hopefully short days!

11:38 AM

Blogger 3p0 said...

dude, you just keep those pics of the great white north commin,

and some stories of some good powder turns.

have a happy thanksgiving
talk with ya soon dude

6:39 PM

Blogger highdesertsultan said...

is that what you mean fresh?

12:21 PM

Blogger ortiz said...

That's what I'm saying.
Good job easy-E
Sweet Picture, would be good on the same t-shirt, if you were in it?

12:33 PM

Blogger ortiz said...

Shit, you are in it, nevermind.
Would be good on the same t-shirt, r-fresh?

12:35 PM

Anonymous Carie Hancock said...

"keeping it dirty from lasalle to gertie". looking forward to seeing y'all for the "home for the holidays" festies.

4:14 PM


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