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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

video days

ok... so new addition to the band as you can see. the "falls-into-2-peices-dried-out-trumpet", played here by (contributor) george, really gives "the shed" that oh,so.... unique sound, that only 5 untrained musicians can accomplish. also we made a music video during this latest rehearsel, the song's name is "get outta' my house (it's a squirrel)". unfortuneately the director is having trouble with distribution right now and the industry mags are already deeming it a "rare" EP. that totally sucks. perhaps i can hook you up with a copy though. price is negotiable.


Anonymous tres said...

where's the footy dude?

6:21 PM

Blogger r-fresh said...

pop it up in quicktime on the

10:06 AM

Anonymous Carie said...

watch out Miles Davis fans everywhere!

3:06 PM


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