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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

20 weeks

we''re finding that as expecting parents everyone asks what do you want? boy, or girl? and inevitably you find yourself saying more often than not, "i just want them to be healthy". because as i am also finding out, when you think about a baby, your baby, it scares the shit out of you about how so many things are already out of your control. it makes me really pray for the best. boy, or girl.


Blogger ortiz said...

Looks like a boy to me.

12:27 PM

Blogger Little_Wilkins said...

It looks like Eric!

Just kidding...I just made that up.

Can you believe there is a human BEING INSIDE OF YOU!???!!

Oh my God.
I'm so excited.

I saw some snap-in-the-crotch baby clothes last weekend, shopping with mom, and I freaked out. I just cant wait to hold a warm, pink, squishy niece of nephew!!!

12:41 PM

Blogger Little_Wilkins said...

Can you post a picture of your belly? Are you big now?

12:42 PM

Anonymous siscarie said...

8:17 AM


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