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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

anyone else have problems posting?

finally i get the bloue oval "done" symbol from blogger's uploading images page. geesh.

so we made it to the coast for one last time before baby makes three. a friend of ours who is also an aspiring professional photographer made a separate trip to take some shots of the belly. thanks fletcher. we stayed at a bed and breakfast [stop]... did he just say a B & B? well, we didn't think we were b&b people, and now we know for sure we are not. it wasn't so bad, we had a tiny cottage in the back so we didn't have to stay inside. the view was freakin' awesome and we could here the ocean from our bed. also whales were spotted on several occasions just off shore from us. the aquarium in newport was really cool and moderately priced too, i might add. let's hope we stay up and running. i have more news to report soon.


Blogger ortiz said...

Your buddy photographer looks really familar? He also wants his camera back. did not get set up last night, due to a guy at Husker access who didn't get me set up on his server..."ya Jason no problem I'll have you set up tonight" whatever dude...He must of got "busy.

5:18 AM

Blogger Misty said...

Good stuff, E! I'm with ya on "not the B&B type!"

11:52 PM


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