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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

happy birthday america

what's a more american way to start the day than with betty crocker blueberry muffins, scrambled eggs, turkey bacon and coffee? huh, huh? cuz i'll fight ya if you say pancakes or waffles or something else bad about my all american breakfast. later that morning we made it to the annual pet parade that had 2000 participants at least, not including the pets. then we saw some three legged racers, some food and craft booths and even someone dance a jig. but that was not the highest expression of freedom for us yesterday my babies, no siree. the annual underground "freedom ride" happened and bay we took place. this year was the biggest parade to date, including well over 400 riders of ages ranging 12 to 45. some beauifully decorated people and bikes were on hand celebrating our freedom of expression, starting with a hard to hear speech from the event organizer and a send off of a rock guitar version of star spangled banner. then we were off en masse. through downtown and beyond, stopping traffic and leaving every tourist along the parade route wondering if they were safe. safe to express our love for the u.s.a. the parade finished in a park with kegs of cheap beer and live rock and roll. it was a beautiful thing. the fireworks off the distant butte were a great capper to a day of expression. sitting there with just my girl and my dog. let freedom ring.


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That picture of the dog is so fucking insanely perfect. What the fuck! See you soon.

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