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Friday, September 22, 2006

my peeps

picture from the day before birth and one of the dream team trio to help out. not a bad connection i must say to help out during the birthing process. all of 'em nurses, all of 'em pros. there is left to right, janie voderburg/ certified lactation consultant. mickie brennan/ certified nurse midwife. laurie hubbard/ registered nurse. the last pic is the ladies in action. all of these women have known katie since the day she arrived at her first day of work as a volunteer here in bend, 10 years ago. if everyone could only be as lucky. thanks peeps.


Anonymous auntiecarie said...

God's blessings are all around. Love you all! Congratulations and welcome Molly Marie!!!

2:25 PM

Anonymous DADAH said...

What a Babe!!! How Beautiful!!! Love to all!!! Congratulations Katie and Eric!!!

4:39 PM

Anonymous Kaps said...

What a baby, what a family. ALl of new life's blessing to you. Enjoy Grandma and Grandpa!!!! Exquisite Molly Marie. Love, The Bergerons

5:55 PM


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