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Monday, April 09, 2007


we heard a BOOM, looked outside and found this!

no shit!

some drunk asshole launched my neighbor's car 50 feet from the street, into my porch. look at how close it came to hitting my house. it took out a 5 year old tree, and narrowly missed an electrical box and a huge rock.

and this whole time i thought i'd be blogging about molly's easter christening. i'll save that for tomorrow.

link here to the story


Blogger ortiz said...

What the... who the...son of a...dude, good thing your house shield was turned on, geez...I'll have to call for the rest of the story...

9:28 AM

Anonymous GMa&GPa said...

WOW!!! God Bless You All Three!!!

2:58 PM

Blogger 11:11 said...


1:32 AM

Blogger 3p0 said...

wow, once it's in your yard do you get to claim it...

run out, and touch it,,, dibs, it's mine now asshole...

10:56 AM


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