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Thursday, May 31, 2007

party. big party


Blogger ortiz said...

Congrats Bro, wish I could be there to celebrate...

1:59 PM

Blogger ortiz said...

You know when I think big party, 4 to 8 is kinda lame bro, unless you're at Chucky Cheese.

8:40 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you wish you could be here why don't you just come??? Get off your lame ass and get on a plane....get it? Get out here...
love, katie

4:32 PM

Anonymous DADAH said...

Congratulation Kebaba!

7:41 PM

Blogger ortiz said...

Hi Katie, hopefully soon?
But, I'll see you here first...HI Molly...Hi Eric..Hi Curtis

10:56 AM

Blogger Little_Wilkins said...

YEY! Partay. Can't wait. Need as much summertime fun (and Molly squishing time) as I can get.

1:47 PM

Blogger Misty said...

Is this y'all's restaurant? (Excuse the Southern contraction.)

9:41 PM


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