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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

i heart MN

our friends lisa and chris warner have moved away. they have gone back to their home state of minnesota to be nearer to their families. a leap of faith if you will that everything will be better, well at least different. they were the first to welcome me to bend, as well lisa was the first to welcome katie during her year of volunteer. chris was always getting shit from the guys and lisa was always prepared. no one can or will fill their spaces left in our hearts and minds here, and that's how we all want it.

good luck you guys, we all miss you.


Blogger ortiz said...

Two out two in...I wish...hmmm

1:31 PM

Anonymous siscarie said...

"distance does not matter. I will find you where ever the earth dances under my feet and the wind sweeps beauty across my soul."

8:40 AM


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