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Monday, March 17, 2008

i suck at updating my blog

it's been so long since i updated my blog, with so few post prior to the last one i'm sure it will take folks a month to see this, but i don't blame you. a few updates though.
i bought a guitar (1972 harmony stella) a few months ago and have been practicing several hours a week every week, progress is slow, but i'm not giving up. the best is playing twinkle twinkle little star to molly before bed on ther nights i'm not working.

molly loves the outdoors, we can't get her to come inside without crying. she loves to walk on the trails across from our house and put her hands in the rivers.

katie's friend and old roommate katie came to visit a week ago with her family and molly and their son finn get along great. we went to cirque du soleil in portland last
night and saw finn again. they kissed as soon as they each other.

the last picture is spectacular for the sky. we were out to eat with katie's parents and the sky was coming through in the pictures so great. not a flattering picture of our baby girl, but i'm a sucker for the multi colored sunsets over the mountains.


Blogger Peggy Wilkins said...

Awesome update - keep playing for Molly!

10:24 AM

Blogger nacho_supreme said...

What a cutie pie! Can't wait to see you next weekend!

12:08 PM

Blogger cathy b said...

Glad to see the update!! I've missed following the "adventures of Miss Molly".
Cathy B - in Lincoln

7:13 AM

Blogger ortiz said...

Molly is going to be some kind of extreme sport girl I think...Like fountain diving or something? Can't wait for some Shwarma baby...Ate at Vung Tau today and got it to go...It was awesome...but when you order to go they give you a big Styrofoam cup of broth and a container packed full of all the ingredients and toppings and you get to put the raw meat in yourself...I took it home and sat on the couch and grubbed and was stoked...thanks to Nader.
About sucking at blogging, were just lucky you do...honey.

1:23 PM


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