Keepin' It Dirty

Sunday, August 17, 2008

been riding a lot this summer, this picture is from our group ride with some folks we mostly didn't know, but met a fellow nebraskan Jeff Meuhling from Lincoln, who did Young Life with Kev's wife Cheryl in high school. another couple we were with had their picture taken under this sign with their bike wheels kissing. we did not.

we saw some more nature.

things sure grow big on the other side

part of living in oregon is burning shit. although no marshmallows caught fire this night.

after the crowds left molly and i did our first camping venture. it was nice, i never slept so bad in a tent before a 2 year old was my partner.


Blogger -kw said...

Damn, we missed a lot.
Wish we could have been up there with you guys.
Miss you.

5:57 AM

Blogger pss said...

thank the good have updated your blog. i have been patiently waiting and it has finally paid off. thanks for the goods!

8:50 PM


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