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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Immediately upon moving to Oregon almost 6 years ago, I began noticing the "This Is Totally Not Nebraska" regulations of the state, city or other municipalities. Voting by mail, no sales tax, bike lanes on major rural roadways, mix-and-match-your-own-six-packs, etc. One of my favorite TITNN moments is when I found out how cheap it was to license my car ($68 for 2/yr.) and obtain a drivers license, valid for 8 years. So imagine my excitement upon the sale of that vehicle a few years later when I found out you leave the number plates on the car and don't have to throw the old away. Hmm? Common sense behavior I wasn't accustomed to from a bureaucracy. GO Oregon.
I am a bit of a nostalgic romantic and enjoy the small things that connect us all. So ever since the sale day of that Forest Green 1995 Ford Explorer, I have been on the lookout for that same number plate, YTJ 925. Believe me not an easy task. One of the reasons I purchased that vehicle was due to its popularity during the mid 1990's and it's strong resale value. It was the number one selling car that year, I had heard somewhere.
But this last weekend I saw it. Just as I had imagined our reunion. Dirty from the rural community it now resides in, driven slowly by the same old man that had bought it from me 4 years ago and still with that YTJ 925 number plate. When I came up behind it on our way through the town of Madras I shouted and pointed like a six year old. I was able to pull along side and further verify the Nebraska dealers tag on the rear door, get a closer look at the old man and give him a waive. Funny how sometimes the most fleeting of moments can bring so much satisfaction to pieces of our history. I don't ever expect to see that old man or my truck ever again, but I can rest assured for awhile, that they're still out there, rolling Ford tough.


Blogger -kw said...

That's the best.
I'm sure I've seen some of our old cars, but they're not as overtly marked. This is totally not Oregon, after all.

8:50 PM

Blogger arenzano said...

Oh Eric, you really can tell stories.
I am so touched.

1:12 AM

Blogger nacho_supreme said...

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11:51 AM

Blogger nacho_supreme said...

Ha! So awesome.

I once got the same rush of excitement when I spotted the old, wood-paneled, tinted-windowed station wagon, somewhere in College View, years after it retired to Weird Wally's.

We couldn't identify the plates like you did, but there were still faint remnants of a red Tony Lama sticker if I remember right.

I LOVED that car. It took us so many awesome places. Omaha. Minnesota. Waubonsie. Church. Calling "the way way back", nesting between coolers and picnic baskets on long trips, or making faces at the drivers behind us. Best car EVER.

I wonder if it's still alive.

11:53 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric...this makes me wonder if our old green station wagon is still on the road? doubtful..remember that car too...remember how much we all fought to sit in the front seat of that car! I also remember getting to point where i was "too cool" to be seen in such a beast!
much love....

1:57 PM


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