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Sunday, December 04, 2005

winter beer cheer

6th Annual Guys Winter Beer Tasting
December3, 2005/ Bend, Oregon

Beers(15): Red Hook/ Winterhook, Pyramid/ Snocap, Cascade Lakes/ Santa’s Little Helper, Anderson Valley/ Winter Solstice, Bridgeport/ Ebenezer, Full Sail/ Wreck the Halls(1) and Wassail(2), Elysian/ Bi-Frost, Widmer Brothers/ Snoplow, Big Sky/ Powderhound, Siletz/ Winter Warmer, Anchor Steam/ Christmas, Mactarnahan’s/ Mac Frost, Deschutes/ Jubelale, Sierra Nevada/ Celebration.
2004 winner “Winterhook”
2003/ 2002 winner "Wreck the Halls"
2001 winner "Jubelale or Celebration?"

First Place: Siletz Brewing Co./ Winter Warmer (Siletz, Oregon)
Second Place: Deschutes Brewery/ Jubelale (Bend, Oregon)
Third Place: Mactarnahan’s/ Mac Frost (Portland, Oregon)
Fourth Place: Full Sail Brewing/ Wreck the Halls (Hood River, Oregon)

The guys pulled it off again, this year topped all the previous though. We even rocked the band room at the end. For some reason we sounded much better than usual last night. It must have been all that delicious beer.


Blogger highdesertsultan said...

yeah! so what if i'm the first to comment on my own most recent blog. anywho... who wants to do one of these when i'm home (12/19 -29). just tell me what to bring from-a-here y'all. and i mean beer, not band eqipment.

8:30 PM

Blogger -kw said...

I'm there. I mean here.
What do we do?

10:02 PM

Blogger ortiz said...

Sounds like a great idea.
Bring the winners, or whatever you think I'd like.

7:34 AM

Blogger highdesertsultan said...

ok good, i'll do my part. come on, who else is in? i think crook and bob maybe too, what do you think ortiz. they're beer geeks as i remember.

7:56 AM

Blogger r-fresh said...

I'll drink beer in an organized fashion.

8:14 AM

Blogger ortiz said...

Ya they'd be down, Bob has got some killer beers.

8:42 AM

Anonymous DADAH said...

Can I Watch?

8:25 PM


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