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Thursday, June 22, 2006

for u.s., the world cup "is" history

well as expected by all the u.s. national team has failed to make it past the first round of the world cup, losing 2-1 to ghana this morning. rather disappointing to the sold out audience at the bar this morning. personal props go out to J & A Mercer for their early morning showing of support. after a much heated debate we all came to the agreement that the u.s. posesses little to no flair in comparison to the rest of the world when it comes to futbol.

let me explain....

unlike the italians who are always on the pitch, (hands and knees) as well as displaying longer hair or creatively sculpted sideburns the u.s. are all seemingly polished in appearance from the shoulders up. they play like a team without any individuals wanting to fake out the keeper on a breakaway with an open pass to the right (ignazgli), instead the u.s. plays like they want an assist in the score book rather than the time honeored glory of the individual effort. i hate to say this, but the MLS and the rest of the american futbollers could learn a little something from the NFL when it comes to making the big play. let's have a little showmanship and a little less sportsmanshop next time guys. i hear the second round is more fun than the first. at least that's what the women's team says.

so now i have to root for my 2nd favorite country, which isn't so bad.. i'm sure they won't let me down, at least not until the semi-finals. Viva Italia.


Anonymous siscarie said...

well put, brother.

10:59 AM

Blogger gravy said...

Stupid Italia!

If Arena didn't put so much faith in McBleed and Reyna (Sit on ball), the US might have actually had an offense.

12:15 PM


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