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Monday, October 02, 2006

due date

today is the day that was predicted for our unknown bundle of joy to enter this chaos. instead, the 11 day old molly is making it more like the doo doo date.


Blogger ortiz said...

Yo Molly, just wanted to say what up...Happy lucky 11!

8:28 AM

Anonymous elvin mergatroid said...

do you make that up by yourself?
yer pretty funny.

i'll call u.

11:15 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

11 days, 11 years is not as far a way as you think. Chrerish them. Believe me.

Love you guys

4:22 PM

Anonymous Deanna said...

Thanks to your mom for telling us about your blessing. We didn't even know you were expecting a baby!!! Hope to see you soon with the holidays around the corner!

Your cousin,

7:40 AM


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