Keepin' It Dirty

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

anyone else have problems posting?

finally i get the bloue oval "done" symbol from blogger's uploading images page. geesh.

so we made it to the coast for one last time before baby makes three. a friend of ours who is also an aspiring professional photographer made a separate trip to take some shots of the belly. thanks fletcher. we stayed at a bed and breakfast [stop]... did he just say a B & B? well, we didn't think we were b&b people, and now we know for sure we are not. it wasn't so bad, we had a tiny cottage in the back so we didn't have to stay inside. the view was freakin' awesome and we could here the ocean from our bed. also whales were spotted on several occasions just off shore from us. the aquarium in newport was really cool and moderately priced too, i might add. let's hope we stay up and running. i have more news to report soon.

oakey's back

same old oakey, same old hilariously outrageous bullshit stories. keep a ropin' cowboy.

Monday, August 14, 2006


guys annual camping trip, same idea, new location. carl lake/ jefferson wilderness/ camp sherman, oregon. 5 miles, all my shit on my back.

that is not my pack. i don't even own flippers.

the hike begins through a burn from 2 years ago, but the blackberries are fighting back. after 2 miles the huckleberries are fierce, the trees are back and you get a lakeside break. then up.... up and up. 3 miles later and around a corner you find carl lake. swimming, fishing and base camp. the pacific crest traill is near and thanks to some human compasses we found our way to it. off trail orienteering combined with a ridiculous display of high alpine wild flowers and rarely seen vistas made my feet only hurt a little. the guys did not disappoint with late night shenanigans. greg will forever be asked to play a game of puker. a witty play on words of the northwest card game uker, (similar to midwestern pitch), appropriately delivered for the first time by the newest gang member todd, as if it was his rite of passage. the drive home through more burned out landscape, catching sight of a massive rising plume in the distance became a harsh reminder about thoroughly enjoying one's current scenery while you're in it. some of us made it for beers after reaching town and then we all made it home. dirty, smelly and tired.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

old vs. new

do you think anyone will notice that we painted? or tore out all the grass? God i hope so.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

dinosaur crossing

we were on our gaurd, but never had an encounter

Monday, August 07, 2006


Thursday, August 03, 2006

just do it (swoosh)

so i am home from some beers and eventhough my oldest and bestest freind ortiz has always said, "don't blog after hours", i'm gonna do it anyway.

this is paul.

sometimes i need to make "it" happen. so tonight i did. i went to see paul instead of phoning him in hopes of connecting, and what a great feeling it is when you blindly go into something and a feeling is reciprocated. thankyou paul for making it happen also. laughs aside. it was great. you once again taught me the value of patience, and the meaning of family. because, i would have done eveything i could, NOT talk to that drunk guy next to us. but you did. and it was ok. thanks for being you.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

alright, baby time

i'm getting back into taking photos so i'm hopeful on a more continous update program on the L2G blog. please stand by....

here's kw at 31 weeks. we went to our first bradley method birthing class last night, at first with a little anxiety over the idea of joining an inter-personal course full of strangers. a feeling not felt since our first days of english composition 101. although we did sit in a circle around the rooms perimeter, i don't remember divulging any of our secrets. but it was the first of 8 classes. it seems i'll have plenty more opportunities to make an ass of myself.