Keepin' It Dirty

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

20 weeks

we''re finding that as expecting parents everyone asks what do you want? boy, or girl? and inevitably you find yourself saying more often than not, "i just want them to be healthy". because as i am also finding out, when you think about a baby, your baby, it scares the shit out of you about how so many things are already out of your control. it makes me really pray for the best. boy, or girl.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

catch her if you can

jenny was here for the weekend and let's just say that she "seen a million faces and she rocked 'em all". be good up there in waRshington and thankyou very much for saying that curtis is an "attractive" dog.

Monday, May 29, 2006


sometimes things are NOT coincidences. and unfortunately one needs hindsight and forethought to piece those mental images, or full body experiences together to get the proper understanding. my friend graham johnson was here almost one year ago. nothing unordinary about his decision to pack into a honda civic with 4 others and make a last minute road trip out to parts he enjoyed the most, seeing some of the people he touched the most, and true graham fashion....being the most. while graham and only one other traveler by then, john henning, were here they were connecting on a level i recognized, a level i had connected with graham on some of our long term road trips. it was great to see it happening again for those guys and made me feel lucky by witnessing. beck "guero" was on the tip of many a conversation or in the step of a dance move those 3 days. also grahams brother kris and his wife dori were talked of as graham had just seen them the week before.

here's where it get's weird or connected or however one chooses to look at it. saturday beck came to me and there was much pop'n and lock'n happening. then on sunday kris and dori called to say they were also here. can one man be so lucky as to have a continuous connection? you see graham died rather suddenly a few weeks later, something none of us are over. but as dori said last night over a late dinner in my house, "we just live with it, somedays better than others". we all love you and miss you graham.


Saturday, May 27, 2006

going to see beck tonight

oh sweet man. we've had tickets for months and with the weather being a high of 54 and intermittant rain showers this outdoor concert should ROCK!

Friday, May 26, 2006


Jamaican legend Desmond Dekker dies at 64.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

what's new pussy cat?

i know my boyfriend jason gets worried when he hasn't heard from me for awhile so i'm gonna give y'all a long one

so it seems i'm gonna finally get what i wanted. i'm gonna open a restaurant. this is the place. it shouldn't look anything like this when it's done. a little history on the building, it's been two fine(r) dining places in the past 5 years and neither were very good. so our group bought the property and we're gonna make it into a middle eastern style place, changing the outside almost completely. we're going to make it our own, and name it "kebaba".

i've been inspired lately. last saturday i organized, directed and participated in the filming of a bike movie. it's all about rippin' it up and a classic "urban assault", which by the way is also the name of the movie. 8 or 9 of us ripped around town, down alleys, around roundabouts and through parks, encountering some people along the way performing for the camera. a lot of editing still to come but i hope to make something special.

tonight the wife and i made it to a little performance of a friend of our's 5th grade class. it waas great. the production for a fifth grade musical was really top notch, from the costumes to the lights and sound, to the stage design.

oh yeah, miles, it was about pirates, girl pirates.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

blazin hazin

vanilla ice got nothin on this guy. check out robbys blog to see the haze in action thanks rob for spending too much time looking for this shit.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

but it never rains here

the cascade chain breaker mtn bike race was this morning. and i thought i would have one or two sweet actionshots of myself coupled with some sweet descriptions of how the course was (can you say technical?). but after seein my good buddy mike after his 3 laps to my 2, i couldn't be selfish. this is how mike rides, skis, surfs, whatever. i gots to gives him the props. AND he's a nice guy that goes out of his way for people too. what a jerk.

oh yeah,... by the way, it never does rain here, that shit on his face, started as dust. next time ride in the front dude.

doin' sumtin' good

a little feel good experience saturday night. look ma, we're supportin' non-profits. it was hard.

Friday, May 12, 2006

see it, believe it, air rock-it

thanks cass, for introducing me to the us air guitar championships, i am a changed man. can somebody make sure venom knows about this?

ah...then next it is

thanks for the birthday last night melanie. it was such a good chance to see some folks and do some stuff on a thursday that we generally reserve for fridays.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

roadside attraction

if yer ever in the area. check out petersen's rock garden carie and i did on her way to the airport. it's worth the trip. how can you go wrong with an honor system for entry. hellllooooo

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

on her way home

carie got to hike new places, kayak for the first time and even climb a rock or two. i think she had fun