Keepin' It Dirty

Friday, September 29, 2006

stevie's gonna be 8 next week.

he's lookin' good too.

he's not as good at greeting you everytime you come in the room as he used to be. although once he realizes you're there, he sure gets excited to see you.

we've been catching him floating on his back, motionless lately. but if you tap on the glass he just swims away.

i know... weird!

i hate to brag, but...

today i made the best effing falafel, chicken schwarma and hummus at kebaba today. i got them almost just as i want them on the first try with the new commercial equipment. everything is looking good right now and is on track. i'm sure something is going to go wrong, but the oct 16th opening date looks on track.

on track

Friday, September 22, 2006

molly marie

ain't she sweet

my peeps

picture from the day before birth and one of the dream team trio to help out. not a bad connection i must say to help out during the birthing process. all of 'em nurses, all of 'em pros. there is left to right, janie voderburg/ certified lactation consultant. mickie brennan/ certified nurse midwife. laurie hubbard/ registered nurse. the last pic is the ladies in action. all of these women have known katie since the day she arrived at her first day of work as a volunteer here in bend, 10 years ago. if everyone could only be as lucky. thanks peeps.