Keepin' It Dirty

Monday, August 25, 2008

यौर सो jealous

we went to the coast with Cassie and Mike this weekend, where i got into a wetsuit and pretended to surf in the water. but our camera was inoperable this trip so i have an archival video from may. where i am fucking killing it in the sand. watch how much sandboarding sucks.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

locked on summer

so i've been unable to blog lately, well... for awhile. but i finally figured out. here's a picture history of our summer. unfortunately there is some stuff left out. but this should do.
went to a couple of weddings, including tres and a.j.

kael and star

katie still looks great

and we got to do a bunch in nature

we had some visitors this summer. including the warner's off their first completed year back in Minnesota.
the treu's who are looking at moving here
my mom, larry her beau and the 2 sisters, mary and linda from so cal.
they all spoiled molly terribly
and they made it into nature several times themselves

been riding a lot this summer, this picture is from our group ride with some folks we mostly didn't know, but met a fellow nebraskan Jeff Meuhling from Lincoln, who did Young Life with Kev's wife Cheryl in high school. another couple we were with had their picture taken under this sign with their bike wheels kissing. we did not.

we saw some more nature.

things sure grow big on the other side

part of living in oregon is burning shit. although no marshmallows caught fire this night.

after the crowds left molly and i did our first camping venture. it was nice, i never slept so bad in a tent before a 2 year old was my partner.